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Marijuana Tinctures Made Easy

01 Apr Marijuana Tinctures Made Easy

Tinctures are currently one of the most under utilized versions of marijuana. Their ease of use, portability, and discretion make them a wonderful alternative for users and patients that don’t feel comfortable or don’t enjoy smoking.

Tinctures are created by allowing dried marijuana leaves to infuse with alcohol for up to a ten-day period, much like an alcohol-fruit or gummy bear infusion. Once this is completed, the alcohol is strained and a THC infused alcohol is created.

Tinctures need to be made with pure alcohol like Everclear. Low proof alcohol (40 proof) has higher water content and will dilute the concentration.

Since tinctures are made with 1-6 grams of weed to 35 mL of alcohol, it forms a weed concentrate. This means that a high can be obtained with as little as 3-4 drops under the tongue.

Tinctures are known for peaking rapidly and maintaining a long high. The effect can usually be felt within fifteen minutes. Unlike edibles, there is little guesswork as to when or if the body has metabolized the cannaboid, THC concentrate.

For medicinal or discreet marijuana users this can provide relief and a desired effect very simply. Tinctures are distributed in dropper bottles and can easily be stored in a purse, backpack, or medicine cabinet.

People enjoy alcohol in a variety of ways and marijuana use is no different. Visit MarijuanaTinctures for product purchase info or ask a dispensary if they carry them. Marijuana Tinctures are often a cheaper alternative to wax or edibles and produce amazing results.

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