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About Us

MaijuanaTinctures is providing outstanding alternatives to smoking marijuana. Tinctures provide high potency, concentrated cannabis that requires no work, set up, or mess. Since tinctures are an alcohol extraction, there is no associated odor or throat burn. Read more about tinctures at our Blog.


Tinctures are a less costly due to the concentration and can be used anywhere at anytime. Our high quality buds provide the optimal infusion for therapeutic, relaxing effects.


Marijuana tinctures can be placed under the tongue with an eyedropper and stored in a medicine cabinet or purse for maximum discretion and portability. Take the pain away with THC in minutes.

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    Tinctures are currently one of the most under utilized versions of marijuana. Their ease of use, portability, and discretion make them a wonderful alternative for users and patients that don’t feel comfortable or don’t enjoy smoking. Tinctures are created by allowing dried marijuana leaves to......

  • 6 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

    Since the beginning of time, or at least 12,000 years ago, marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes. It has been recorded in various cultures throughout the world and documented as the ancient drug of choice for both tooth and labor pains. Marijuana is noted......

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    Many new users do not have the experience to understand how much marijuana is needed to achieve a great high. They can often be put off after their first time of ingesting too much and feeling uncomfortable. Each human body is different and metabolizes drugs......

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